Semi-Stock Illustration Process

The “semi-stock” illustrations are defined by the fact that they are derived from an original stock image with the client needing a slight adjustment to fit their specific needs. This classification falls halfway between custom illustration and stock illustrations. For example, a “cup of coffee”spot illustration can either be adjusted to fit with an added and newly illustrated doughnut (with drop shadow) on the side or made to have just the cup without the saucer and, yet, have a spoon drawn to be placed inside the cup. This can be adjusted to create a “new” illustration while keeping the integrity of the original illustration without it looking like a “collaged” and/or pasted illustration.

*No other stock agency or other 3rd parties provide this type of service (semi-stock) and the illustration is quickly and precisely adjusted to fit the needs of the clients especially if the client is in direct contact with the illustrator without interference from 3rd party agencies. The art direction is important as far as interpreting the precise flow of information that is often misinterpreted through an artists’ representative or agent. Time is of essence and this allows quick and easy access directly from the source including price estimates and final digital files.

“Stock illustration,” as described above in the first two sentences, is basically a collection of pre-existing illustrations that have been used or re-licensed for use by several clients depending on the specific image see: A history of each image will be provided if a clients requests that information. Some clients may stir away from stock of it’s an illustration that they decide that they want complete “exclusivity” of that image and opt for a customized illustration.

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